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The Indian poetry good world

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Waiting for a better world

There is a plate on the table.

you come tomorrow......With a sharp knife.

I will lie quietly in bed.

You cut my chest and took my heart.

A plate of blood and heart...

I gave you.

The sky is not for me.

Dreams are not for me.

Poems have left me.

You can leave me freely.....

Does anyone live a lifetime?

Both reward and reproach are very valuable.

Now use to say, does my blood taste salty?

May be bitter!

I no longer believe in God.

God is just a stone like a pyramid !

It seems that the whole world is just a game of emptiness

It seems that a cruel king is ruling us.

Today my hands are paralyzed and my mind is depressed.

Like an animal with its throat cut, I writhe in agony.

So today, I want to shout....

Let's all leave this loveless world.

Let us make a new world.

Where there is only love there will be eternal spring.

Where there will be green river, sweet song of birds.

Only love and love and love.....

© 2022 Raj

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