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Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.


You chose to break my heart and leave me

It was not I who gave up and walked away

Left with no choice but to move on

I learned to live without you and carry on

Now you're back as if everything's the same

Expecting me to welcome you with open arms

That would be insane

Am I someone at your beck and call?

You hurt me big time, I recall

How you could be so demanding, I just couldn't fathom

With what right do you have to expect me to just succumb?

It's been like ages since we parted ways

How can you expect me to still be there after all those days?

If you're hurting, I wish you well, but please heal by yourself

If you need someone, please turn to someone else, spare me from it

If you think I'm flattered by your attention, sorry to burst your bubble

Whatever we had in the past I've not the least intention to rekindle

The last vestiges of us are now a history

They can never be more than a memory

I'm at peace with myself, my past, I've no unfinished business

All I can say is "Adios, best wishes!"


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