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The Lady and Her Dog: Billybuc Photo Challenge Edition 5.2

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


The only rule is that there are no rules. For the final installment of Bill's photo challenge, I was inspired to write in the format I love most -- free verse poetry, or rather, a series of thoughts I tried to piece together in a coherent way. Bill's photos are treasures and I wanted to do them justice.

I hope you enjoy this short piece.

The Lady

The Lady

The Lady and Her Dog

She walks in shadows

The lady and her dog

Through the mountains

With their majestic snow-covered peaks

Piercing the charcoal clouds

Giving way for the slightest glow

Of a silvery crescent moon.

Forever seeking

The missing piece

Of her restless heart.

and Her Dog.

and Her Dog.

She walks in sunlight

The lady and her dog

Through the mysterious forest

Sunbeams slicing

This way and that

Dividing the thick, woody branches

Illuminating the unbeaten path

Wandering with a purpose

Over moss-covered rocks

What she's been seeking

Finally laid out before her.



She walks on

The lady and her dog

Just a few more steps

To grasp the hand

Waiting for her -

Whole once again.


The lady and her dog

Fade into the sunset

With him

Home at last.



© 2020 Alyssa

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