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Poetry on 4 Big Cats of India - Animal Poems

Wildlife has always fascinated Prithviraj and big cats are the amazing part of the wildlife. So he has worded their features in these poems.

Bengal Tiger

Indian wildlife habitat is blessed with 4 big cats having magnificent roars and marvellous features. These glorious animals are the pride and honour of India. They belong to the family Felidae. And all the four big animals are found in various national parks in India.

So here are the poems describing features, facts, and habitats of these magnificent animals uniquely.

Animal Poems


Bengal Tiger


We are the Bengal Tigers,
Our teeth are sharp like daggers.
We are not very good climbers,
But we are born swimmers.

Our memory is sharp,
And we like to hunt in the dark.

If our prey is on a bark,
And our hunger demands the work,
We will climb that bark!

We don't have similarities,
For stripe patterns are our peculiarities.

We are the national animal of India,
We are the national pride of India!

Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion

We are the Asiatic lions,
We are different from African lions,
For we have darker shorter manes.

Our manes even though are sparse,
To our prey, they are very fierce.

Gir Forest of Gujarat is our only home,
Where all Asiatic lions love to sit alone.
Whereas in groups all the lioness roams.

The males only guard and sleep a lot,
Whereas pride of lioness goes for hunting a lot.
The lion will only participate in the hunt,
If the prey has strength a lot.

We have our own walking style,
Where we walk without letting our heel touching the aisle.

We are the Asiatic lions of India,
We are the royal fame of India,
We are the national emblem of India!

Indian Leopard

Indian Leopard

We are the great Indian leopards with born spontaneity,
Our tails are powered with great agility,
And we can climb trees with great mobility.

We don't like much to run for a hunt,
For we believe in a surprise attack stunt,
All thanks to our rosettes for every successful hunt.

Our rosettes are different in different habitats.
Our rosettes are pale in desert habitats,
Our rosettes are grey in cold habitats,
And our rosettes are ochre in rainy habitats.

Black Panther

Black Panther

We are the dark cat knights who hunt at night.
As our black coat is invisible at night,
We are also the ghost of the forest at night!

We can climb 18 feet long trees with our claws.
We can kill any of our prey with our powerful jaws.

We are equipped with great sight,
And we can jump up to a great height.

We are the Black Panthers of India,
We are the great runners of India.

So these were the stunning 4 big cats of India.
There was one more big cat in India called Cheetah. This 5th big cat got extinct in 1947. But now the government is trying to reintroduce the Cheetah in the jungles of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Chhattisgarh.

Before you go, did you know? There are two more species of leopards known as Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard. Both of the leopards are found in the Himalayas.

India is also blessed with White Tigers. They are found in Bandhavgarh and Mukundpur of Madhya Pradesh, Sundarbans of West Bengal, Kaziranga of Assam, and Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu.

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole

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