Updated on October 5, 2017

Letting It All Out

If one day you wake up and want me

Dont bother looking; I'm already gone

I'll be free of what I thought we were meant to be

Unchained I am done

Forever and always

I can only look at you sideways

I would have fucked with you the long way; I fucked with you the right way

No all I want to be is far away

Run, run as fast as I can

From you a child; never a man

Though you pretended well, I was unable to to tell

Two years of love, emotional hell

Because that's what fake is; it isn't real

My heart and mind you tried to steal

Stripped me down, didn't want to feel

Anything at all

Happiness I can't recall

Only heartache and tears

The hurt will one day disappear



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