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Ɔbaatan Pa (Caring Mother)

''Kofi Acquah'' is a Poet, Author and Musician. Kofi hails from Ajumako Bisease in the Central Region of Ghana and he is a Fanti.

A caring mother is what every child needs. Sometimes, words are worth it to celebrating the great parenting tags every caring mother has got.

Ɔbaatan Pa

(Caring Mother)

The nectar hosted butterfly

whispers to my ears through the skies

It testifies to me, your caring heart

and the parenting tags

you've got_

When the dog has left its owner

You evoke sympathy with consciousness

And dare carry her

into your bosom

Children breath softly

When your shadow is cast on them

they swim in the breeze of future

When they feel your presence

You eat not a full bowl

But think of a whole

You ginger the weak

To become strong and bold

When Paapa is absent in the house

You truncate the rippling flow

Of tears in the ducts

of these little ones

Take the crown

'ɔbaatan pa'

© 2019 Kofi Acquah

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