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Mother Nature

Mother Nature.

I adore every aspect of your beauty

On land, sea, and air

Many travel around the world to explore you

Coz your beauty is endless like a bottomless pit.

They have tried to destroy you in many ways

Poaching, deforestation, air pollution, noise pollution, etc

None of them have seen happiness for these ills

They mourn when your wrath befalls them.

Today, I stand as your number one defender

I have seen both sides of you, good and bad

I choose to conserve you and urge others to join me

Coz I believe “If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, invite a friend”

Many policies have been developed and discussed at the highest level to protect you

They have remained written on paper with poor implementation schedules

Destruction continues day and night despite all these

Coz the only language that broadens your smile and brightens the earth is “ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION”.

© 2019 Jeremiah Onyango