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Beauty and the beast


and the Beast

What women do
They sharpen pens
The sharpener does not rest
Like the strike of iron on a day of war
Blowing in the embers .. Blacksmith tears his eyes
Red throws the swords
To its holders. Do not come back
Only with Beast head ...
And letters as arrows
Hush HushThey whisper

Then they draw the Beast opening the door
Its green color has doubled in size
He broke all the dishes and shouted
They paint it like a jailer. He threw food
To the princess Her elbow is black
From rust chains and ideas
You write about the Beast tales
Scrapped. Dreams and Knights
From the edges of the windows of the girls
And the Beast was and still is
Do not write two lines .. except for the girl
They whisper
The treacherous traitor the despot
Do you remember the beast between them support ..
Between them with a simple word reassurance ...
Do you remember the man's heavy eyebrows
And his smile closes his eyes
Of the sun
His face came out not as he returned.
When he was carrying you so carefree
It carries you screaming and crowding the streets
Do you remember the father of the child?
Do you remember brother and father ..
.in a. A life you do not want to be in
After futility. Matrices. Equalities
Who will write the beginning of the end?
The beginning of separation between Beast and beautiful ..
Beast fled to the woods to freedom
And Beauty sat in her office imprisoned

© 2018 tabouche amin

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