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I See No More

I am a poet, assistant professor and humanitarian. I feel that the education system in India needs to re-evaluate its flawed system.


There was a time when life was more about others,

I always felt that my goal in life was to shine in the eyes of others,

I always saw this world , so unknown to me as my home,

I looked upon others to give a smile on face and charm in my eyes,

I molded my self the ways others wanted me to be ,

I never noticed how in my life I was never free,

I gave my food , my love , my heart and even my soul to you,

All I got was , words!, "Mother You are Goddess of Sacrifice"

But I was never allowed to tell,I was educated to sacrifice weather I want it or not !

Forced by my Mother who always told me to think of others

My mother who taught me , "You are a girl , be like one !"

May be this was taught to her by her mother and the chain of suffering remains endless

Before a mother , a daughter and a girl I almost forgot who I was

Unless a saw a bird flying so free and undaunted

The thought of my identity was surreal and haunted

Today I live for myself and I have lost many of those "others"

I have came to a point where I speak what I think

For some I am independent and some call me whore

But the difference today is that I see no more ..!!

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