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Looking for You

Is everything pointing towards you?

Despite my protests.

Please accept my apologies.


As well as all of the shows I've put on.

My laid-back attitude.

Suffering in silence.

Leniency has been fought for.

And every careless act of self-cruelty.

Is it because you're provoking me?

Because no matter where I look,

I'm looking for you, and I'm hoping to find you.

In the winding streets, corridors,

Terraces that are evenly spaced.

In every conversation, I've had,

As well as mentions.

It is you for whom I yearn.

For the rest of my life.

If you're looking for a small group of people to hang out with,

Maybe a smidgeon.

An indelible memory.

Even under my guise,

I'm trying to get away from you.

Is it true that you are my Sun and Moon?

I'm still facing you, even if I turn away.

I'm hoping to remain hidden.

However, your light has an effect on me.

And every crack and crevice within me gleam.

Despite my best efforts to avoid you,

You've successfully transformed me into you.

There is no such thing as Me.

Because I am the bearer of your identity.

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