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A Hypothesis Of Letting Go

I'm a medical student who loves to write. And most of the times it's just anything and everything that pops out of my head. Enjoy!


It can be hard, you know.

Letting go.

The dreams that adorn your

Russet eyes;

Those multitude of thoughts

That trod the vast expance

Of your imagination.

It is hard, you know.

Like a horde of stallions

Your thoughts flow.


Opposing the wild summer wind

Faster and faster

Till they form that one blurred


Of that one distant future

You think you have a chance at.

You believe in miracles

In faeries and full moons.

You believe in the Spring Equinox.

This belief of yours run

Thicker than rouge

Through your veins

It makes it hard to let go, you know.

To forget those whims

And willingly give up;

Grow and let time wrap the

Gone past in it's mighty boughs.

It's hard letting go.

And you know it.


S Ahlawat


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© 2018 S Ahlawat

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