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About to Let Go

I am a lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into songs.


Will you still hold on if he stab you to let him go?

We cannot make people stay no matter what we do or give. Both holding on and letting go are painful to do. Holding on to something you are the only one who's treasuring. Letting go despite everything you've shared with. But sometimes, we still hold on even though we let them go already until too much pain will finally stop us and turn our back away.

Let Go when it's too painful to Hold On

I was about to let go
Not what I wanted to do so
Shivering from head to toe
Only my pillow can hear me woe

I held for too long
Where did I go wrong?
Bruised and bleeding
But I have to keep on pulling

What happened to all your promises?
It is heartbreaking turning everything into memories
Being forsaken brought me sudden fears
It is not the aisle you told me in years

Am I too strong?
Didn't I make you happy at all?
Why did you come?
If you intend to leave when I fall

I was about to let go
Not what I wanted to do so
You stab my heart swiftly
So I can set the rope and you free

© 2020 Bellie Grace Gomez

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