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To Lessen the Painful Side

Jillian continues to explore documentaries on how everything is treated: from land, water, animals, human beings. And how to take action.

Inhibiting pain's growth

It grows. Pain can grow deeper, draining every bit of life or igniting natural instincts to save what's still remaining. But it can grow even more if we neglect to lessen the pain for one another. We won't be able to save everything, but kindness can.

Leaving a legacy by pursuing significance.

Leaving a legacy by pursuing significance.

Soil bare of bold roots

A limp lad by the trash looking for food

Chickens, cows, pigs, fish all fed full

To be chopped from head to foot.

What can I do?

The pain's growing for sure

I have to think fast soon

Or I'll be left with no clue.

But, alas, I'm all part of it too

I need meat, fish, milk and vegetable soup

I use buses, jeepney, taxis, trikes to commute

So I could work until it's time to greet the moon.

Maybe everything lives by using something

A certain cycle of living and ceasing

But there must be a system behind

That can lessen the painful side.

How about eating just enough?

Or planting our own medicine for coughs?

How about thinking before filling a page?

Or reusing containers to lessen environmental damage?

It's nice to think of biking

Or to lessen phone use to minimize charging

A fresh fruit from the backyard lightens mood

The wind's breeze can even make you cool.

How about pausing for a while

To give bread to a street kid and to leave with a smile

Although soon we'll have to say goodbye

Life for others change with being kind.

Pain is part of the universal plan

But we must do everything we can

To hold dear, everything, everyone

For we're all made Parents of nature and humankind.

I Choose To Take Action!

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?

— George Eliot

© 2019 Jillian Talavera

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