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vision chance

they said he was emotional
but instead he was passionate
a visionary of love
and romance
able to see precious time
weeks, months in advance

a voracious appetite
it was like never before
all the things he could see
he hoped were in her eyes too

her entire life
the one he didn’t experience
he wishes it was with him
but the moon stayed the same
all along
and when he thought of it
like an evening by the pyramids
he wondered what was inside
an abandoned house
haunted by love
or a graveyard for royal dreams

but no matter the mysterious tomb
he would let it out
taking the chance
that freedom would be grateful
and her passion loyal

he knew those who remain calm
might be soothing to some
but only a wasted chance to others
there was no choice
he bet his life on desire
hoping she would never run

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