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A Poem About Celebrity

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About This Poem

The following poem touches on the life of a celebrity. Today, our society seems fixated on the idea of being famous, and for seeking fame for fame's sake. Many people, especially the young, dream of a life in the public eye, which they see as glamorous and exciting. However, rarely do they consider what it can really mean to live constantly under scrutiny.

This poem is written in quite a simple manner, but it aims to highlight some of the less positive aspects of life as a celebrity. Though imagined, the ideas in the poem have been given validation by the multiple biographies of well-known celebrities that I have read. Factors such as media invasion, with comments taken out of context; friends who 'sell-out' to the press; loss of privacy and the general inability to live a 'normal' life are brought up within the poem. Likewise, the loneliness a celebrity may suffer when away from home for lengthy durations and the 'comedown' one faces after the buzz of a concert are mentioned within the verses.

The poem focusses on some of the more difficult aspects that can accompany fame. It aims to highlight the point that fame does not necessarily bring the 'perfect' life, but comes with its own problems and drawbacks that can be overwhelming and difficult to overcome.

The Other Side of Fame

Can't step out my door,

Not anymore,

Can't live in my own little world.

I cover my eyes,

A thin-veiled disguise,

Insanity starts to unfurl.

I read my own words

Which now sound absurd,

All twisted and torn; rearranged.

I'm someone I'm not,

It happens a lot,

Conclusions, the gossip, the blame.

Yes, I'm a success,

But these days, less and less,

Can I visit the high street or park,

And the friends that I knew

Have become very few,

As rumours crawl out of the dark.

In a glamorous dress -

A facade for the stress -

I battle the nerves held inside,

And standing backstage

So homesick, I crave

My loved ones, in whom I confide.

Others might binge

On a dangerous whim,

But I don't like playing with fate,

When you walk down that path

Life starts to turn dark -

A roulette - and for some it's too late.

It sounds like a dream

But it's not all it seems,

It's hard living up to the hype.

The buzz lifts me high,

My fans help me fly,

But after, I fall from great heights.

I end up alone

In my own dressing room,

The music still rings in my ears.

I was loved for a while,

I wore my best smile,

Now silence, it hits me with fear.

I've travelled the world

In a frenzical whirl,

But, somehow, saw nothing at all,

Just airports and cars,

Hotel rooms and bars,

I'm trapped by non-tangible walls.

If you want to be me,

I'd say, don't you see -

That fame has its pitfalls; its traps.

If you can't be yourself,

Despite all the wealth,

You'd rather be 'normal'......perhaps?

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