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A Few Break Up Poems Funny

No Tears

I find it quite exasperating

to constantly tell you

no more,

I won't be coming over

to sit upon the chair,

to watch you pop the remote

and complain

about me not being there,

To hear you tell me

how much you love me

and how much you really care,

When I've told you all along

don't even go there,

So under your pillow

you have now found,

my final goodbye,

signed with my name


no new number


no tears to cry.

D. Alsup

Be Gone

Your stupidity annoys me

befuddles me it does not

it vexes me to no end,

you could never be my lover

let alone a long time friend,

your obnoxious

and insinsitive


and archaic,

loquaciuos daily sharings

of your business is

uncalled for

and juvineille,

a short time with you

for the real you to surface

was too long,

What rock

did you crawl from under?

I know what with you

I must do,

be gone,

like a tainted spell,

throw you away,

like an




D. Alsup

Too Heavy

Loving u is exhausting

your baggage is overstuffed

too heavy to carry or pull

I've found my key

and have unlocked me up.


D. Alsup