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Xmith is a Nigerian student who has a great passion for writing. He hopes to become an influential poet in future. Follow for more tips.

Our race and languages may vary,

Our culture and mode of dressing may vary,

Our customs and laws may vary;

Yet despite all these variations,

We are one and forever shall we remain one.

The short poem below centers around the need for peace and harmony amongst African nations.

Remember, the popular saying 'United we stand, divided we fall.'

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Great mother Africa,
In you we live as nations
And a bright future we tirelessly work for.

Separated by land borders
And diverse in culture and traditions;
Different skin colours we bear
And various religions we practice.

Despite our flaws and differences,
Our disputes we settle amicably
And like one big family we live
And stand so strong in solidarity;
For united we stand, divided we fall.

© 2020 Xmith Literature