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_Never Again

Artchelle Arcillas usually indulges herself through reading various kind of relationship poetry. She's also a contributor to a publication.

Never Again...

Never Again...

Never Again

Dive in the midst of misery,

of broken promises,

of lame excuses,

of lies,

of all aches,

I leave in cries.


you left me in shore,

panting, catching breath

barely breathing,

aiming for a hand

I wish was yours.

I let the waves of truth

came crashing

as it slowly pushed me away

from warmth of fantasy.

My fingers grasp a handful of sand,

why does this feels like your heart?

coarse, quite an ease to hold

yet piercing once held for long.

You were once a sand castle

I took time to build.

Now, the wave is you

crashing the "you" I built

leaving nothing but

ruined pieces of you

I held as a reminder...

Never again.

Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.

— Randall Terry

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