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_Moving On

Artchelle Arcillas is an avid reader of poetry in all forms. She is a poetry contributor of Poets Unlimited, a poetry publication in Medium.

Choosing to move forward...

Choosing to move forward...

Moving on.

She must've been drawn to you

as hating you never occurs to her mind despite of the pain, tears you let her shed

for you couldn't handle her way of loving.

She must have been drawn to you.


For she couldn't picture herself

loathing on your existence

though it is crystal clear,

you couldn't handle both her rains

and storms.

Trust me,

soon, she will stop.

She finally realized that love

is complex and futile.

She'll get over you

and she will chide Cupid

from the attempt of aiming

his arrows at her


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”

— Herman Hesse

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