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''Kofi Acquah'' is a Poet, Author and Musician. Kofi hails from Ajumako Bisease in the Central Region of Ghana and he is a Fanti.

Poetry that paints pictures and soothe emotions


I lie supine between two open doors

casting a lasting gaze into my soul

Coffee vapour travels me on a tour

It shows me a dead fire to poke


The shine of the lantern

is a new man

Until the clock shows me a new time of a new mile

I smell sleeping flowers

to feel not alone


The books teach me steps of a new route

& the chains

have left my neck into a new cool


Tell the wall to quickly suck her own sweats

Tell the ghost to swiftly vanish into her own chest


This mood summons the atmosphere of birds

Let them beat their wings, flatter and sing

This mood beckons spirits and heads

Let them battle and save the dead

© 2019 Kofi Acquah

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