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Missing water

Missing waters

We wear lotions,

to cover our bruises,

Even before jumping into you,

You give enrichment to all,

the wet, parched lands.

You are clean here, impure there,

Even now scarcity is faced,

If this is the case,

We should conserve you, dear water,

Your single drop,

Makes a crop grow,

Even low or high,

You give rivers,oceans

fish and even shells.

O great blue waters,

May you live long!

Long enough for the future to use.

Oh God! Make this a better place,

To quench and ease our hunger,

Deleting all our fights and anger,

We make you a runner,

But don't want you marathon to end.

We are an outnumber,

But you are a wave number,

We run you with motors too,

So please save our water!

Or else all will alter near borders,

Let us stand as fighters to strive,

for our valuable water.

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