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Youths’ Phase


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1. As children look up

To parents for things

Time passes by and

Got to teen years

2. This is the beginning

Of youth period. The

Period when one begins

To think about freedom

3. It is the stage

When one begins to

Struggle for oneself having

A clearer photo of future

4. This is the phase

When one forms who,

What one wants to

Become in one’s heart

5. A phase when some

Detest one’s parent’s status

And looking down on

One’s Parents’ achievements

6. Some blame them for

Achieving little and feel

They haven’t done enough

When they were like them

7. Assuming they had they

Should have given them

Better life and should

Have treasures laid up


8. It’s time one looks

Inward, time when one

Feels one would do

More than one’s parents

9. Period when one hardly

Wishes to drink from

Others cup of wisdom

Because of over confidence

10. Phase when one hardly

Discloses one’s steps to

Others because of the

Fear of their reactions

11. Fear that they would

Be discouraged from toeing

The path, time when

They fear to hear no

12. Time when heart hardly

Pursues God, feels comfortable

With oneself, desires worldly

Pleasures more than anything

13. At this phase it

Is not uncommon that

one ignores Elders’ companion,

Satisfying one’s inordinate ambitions

14. When one leaves this

Phase things become clearer

And one wishes some

Utterances could be withdrawn



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 10, 2020:

Thanks a bunch Diane

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 10, 2020:

It is usually a wonderful desire to be a nun or a Rev'd father, unmarried for life, but sometimes some people are not designed for that...Have you watched Sound of the Music before? Think you are someone like Maria. And would live a wonderful life with your love raise Godly children.

Diane Denison from Cincinnati Ohio on March 10, 2020:

Olusegun, this took me back to the past. I recall in my early teens wanting to be a Nun at 14 years old. I was not a normal child yearning to know the holy universe. My Farther said NO. I am not sending you to Greece and I mentioned to him how about a Catholic Nun. He said, "No that is why I am saying No. If your going to be a Nun it shall be a Greek nun. I rebelled by 16 years old I was sneaking out the window giving my Dad grey hairs. Always thinking God rejected me through my Dad's answer. Did not figure it out till years later I helped many more people walking a every day life. I was tested and trailed to a point the protection of a Monastery would actually shield me. From growing strong in faith to a point a hurricane could not rip me out of Gods Hands.

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