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Youths Disguise.

The disguise that covered his young face.
With a heart filled with money's chase.

Even after all that scurrying , nothing it gleaned.
He lost all of himself in between.
He had everything he wanted and everything he dreamed.
In that incessant chase he fell into a dark seam.

Of the young face that was lost.
Was it worth , the money , and the goods , how much did it cost ?
The woes of human and his lecherous glare.
Having everything , pondering about was he still bare?

Notice your grass when you still have time.
Youth joy and peace or that one dime ?
Of how you will mix with the sand.
Of all the regrets written with the wrinkles in your hand.
The fight to be the highest , will you take it to the sky?
It made you all blind , from all that youths freedom of cry.

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