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Youth: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

It was just one of those nights,

A night we will always fail to remember,

But we always try.

It was one of those nights where

The thin moon shined just right,

The stars were plentiful,

And filled up the sky with their magnificent


It was one of those nights

Where the radiant fire

Burned the alcohol boxes to nothing,

Where the illuminating fire

Burned the boredom to smithereens,

Where the brilliant fire

Burned away our sinful past,

For there was no room for it in our fiery future.

It was one of those nights

Where we drove to a gas station

Late at night

To retrieve snacks,

For we feared the hangover

More than we feared the law.

It was one of those nights

Where we lived dreams

We envisioned in our


Dreams where we

Abandoned the wallflower days

And became


Sunroof down,

We take turns sticking our heads out into the

World we rule,

Screaming nothings for everyone to hear,

But no one ever listens.

The wind bombards your face in just the

Right way, and it’s

Always the right way.

It was one of those nights

Where you were scared.

You were scared to go out.

You were scared to drink.

You were scared to become infinite.

You were,

But you did go out.

You did drink.

You did become infinite,

And we thank you.

Thanks for coming out.

Thanks for living.

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