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You’re a Part of My World

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Whether we like it or not, realize it or ignore it, cherish or resent it, we are all connected.

Whether we like it or not, realize it or ignore it, cherish or resent it, we are all connected.

There you are going about your day,

Not a glance offered nor word did you say,

But I can see you from deep in the fray,

You're an important part of my world.

You stopped to pick up from where you once started,

Perhaps it was due to someone dearly departed,

I wish I could help with the pain you have carted,

Because you're an important part of my world.

You sold me a book that filled me with joy,

Then to my son you sold a cute toy,

If ever you do, no need to play coy,

Know you're an important part of my world.

You filled the air around us with the sweetest scent,

The way you affect you know not the extent,

Laid eyes on your beauty and so need to repent,

Now know you're an important part of my world.

If ever you feel that you're sad and alone,

Somewhere out there awaits you a home,

Seek out the others who shall cast no stone,

You're an important part of their world.

Perhaps one day we will surpass this sonder,

Travel hand in hand to the togetherness out yonder,

Sit with another and on love we shall ponder,

We are an important part of everyone's world.

There Is Power in Your Existence

I've never understood the people who go about life as if nothing is true, and as if any action they take is permitted by right of their existence. They see the world as a toy, or perhaps this temporary state that exists only for their own pleasure, and sometimes they see it as existing solely for their suffering. Though it may be true—for who knows what the force behind life has truly laid out before us—you should realize that by right of your existence you have great power and responsibility in this world.

You might be that beautiful woman I scooted by in the bookstore only to have offered a passing glance and a playful smile before we parted ways forever. Perhaps you're driving the car that cut me off on the highway on my way to the doctor's appointment I was already late for. Maybe, just maybe you're the one who dropped that lucky penny I stopped excitedly to pick up on my way to a jamming soiree.

No matter who you are, what you're doing, where you're going, nor what you intend, you have unimaginable power within your existence. Be sure to use that power with mindful and wise intent, because sonder isn't just a realization of lives separate from your own, it's an acceptance of the interconnectivity between those separate lives.

We've all come to a crossroads in life, and we all continue to choose a direction to walk in.

We've all come to a crossroads in life, and we all continue to choose a direction to walk in.

Contribution From Rozalynne Williams-Kapeliela: Dwelling on My Sonder

No warning signs on the road ahead.

Is it short or long?

I sit at the crossroads and ponder,

Where have I gone wrong?

How long will I contemplate this sonder?

No sign from one of you,

Nor time to spend in your fair view.

I dwell on the sonder.

Carry on in search of new points of view,

Each one different from the last.

None the same as those I once knew,

Now I'm immersed in the sonder.

Sharing With Friends

I find no deeper of an attachment to someone than when I can sit and share poetry with them. Rozalynne is a friend with whom I share a fiery bond—no matter how young the friendship may be. Her artful spirit and youthful innocence hasn't been dulled by the touch of darkness in her heart, and this juxtaposition within her soul makes her a character you want to include in your life story.

She isn't afraid to clean up the image she portrays when the public is concerned, but out of the scrutinizing eyes of the masses she shows just how vivid and entrancing the colors of her inner world are through her art.

I offered her the same challenge as I requested from Brenda Arledge in her word prompt for week 35, "sonder". You can really feel the jovial nature of this exquisite woman's poetry even through the slight apprehension and pensive sadness of the piece. I think she did a great job, and the brevity of it only adds to its mystique.

© 2021 Kyler J Falk

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