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You're Not Avenging (we're just not hearing)

I don’t know if you'd call me your brother
Would you ever take a fortunate son in?
It’s not that I need someone to pray for me
I’ve not lived your troubles, I can’t pretend

I want you to know I’m not your enemy
I’m trying as hard as I can to understand
I know your mind is as pained as a saint
The fire to you feel is a nail in your hand

But you aren’t the crying kind of heart
You are making the world confront itself
Too many people ignore the streets
They drive fast with their conceits

I take for granted all your blessings
Nobody has the right to ask you why
Still they do, they can’t feel your despair
They act as if they’ve never had to cry

Not everyone will like what I say
I’m not worthy enough to preach
I’m not worthy enough to accuse
All I can do is be kind and pray

Is a man ready to accept the sins of his father?
Is that what it will take to make me your brother?
Tell me how much must I suffer to pay the price
Will you crucify me if I die for the devil’s vice?

But you’re not an avenging clinched fist
You are forgiving a world at war with itself
You’re John the Baptist, you wash their feet
You cleanse the souls knowing only defeat

© 2022 Mark Lecuona

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