You’re A Story I Cannot Tell Anymore: A Poem

Updated on April 22, 2018
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In 2016 words began tumbling onto the page, forming songs of heartspeak. Giving birth to a love of writing poetry and ecclectic articles.


You’re a Story I Cannot Tell Anymore: A Poem

Life cycles.

They happen to us, humans, the animals, the insects, and the vegetation.

A life cycle includes the stages from the closure of the last generation to the beginning of the next.

Life cycles vary from human, to animal, to insects and to vegetation. The life cycle of an insect may be up to two weeks in duration.

Some animals and humans lead solitary lives and meet up to mainly mate, yet, other humans and monkeys are social and live in groups all the time.

The 20th Century Psychologist Erik Erikson says there are 8 stages that humans undergo from infancy to adulthood. During each stage the person experiences a crisis that could either create constructive or destructive outcomes for their personalities.

The 3 Crisis Virtues: Hope, Purpose and Love

Hope is said to be one psychosocial crisis a person can go through. It is to expand a person’s understanding of what it means to Hope; and it deals with issues of trust and mistrust.

Purpose is another psychosocial crisis a person can experience a crisis about. Here the virtue is Purpose and it is about the see saw affect of emotions and experiences relating to initiative and guilt.

Love is also a psychosocial crisis to be experienced by us, humans. To deepen our understanding and experience of love there are the battles between experiencing intimacy versus isolation.

Then, we experience the ending of a cycle and facing the beginning of a new phase/cycle in our lives.

This poem is a compilation of personal experiences of when you stand in the twilight zone between the closure of a phase/cycle of your life and then having to face the start of a new cycle/phase in your life.

I hope you can find yourself within this poem, too.


You’re a Story I Cannot Tell Anymore: A Poem

you led me by the nose to believe

I believed in you, the Thief

and lived out my life

full of blarney holes shelf life

holes that swallowed me

holes that I fell into with plea

blood is not thicker than water

everything is up for their question quota

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

no more does your job

mean you deserve to be a snob

the lack of scrutiny is to stop

as is the lack of accountability clifftop

not once have you had my back

especially when life put me on the rack

you sold me out

to a stranger knockabout

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee


you chose a liar

an unmerciful admirer

you sit at her side

laughing snidely astride

I succumbed to your halo

making endless excuses for your glow

and the ongoing lies

both small and tall do or die’s

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

I excused the deceptions

as diplomacy was in action

telling white lies to

protect the feelings of the crew

the lies were used to control

the blindsight and cajole

indifference was its name

abandonment was its game

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee


only too late

did I connect the dots of frustrate

that your lassez-faire attitude

was to cover a soul shrewd

still don’t know

but now I see the low

why relations and strangers

short changed me

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

you smashed my belief in the goodness

of cloverleafs

and attacked

the goodness I didn’t lack

let me tell you

your closest glue

will betray you

no one, nothing is taboo

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

so deep is my sorrow

that you cared sub zero

I was enough to make you look good

and for you to exploit, while you misunderstood

how can you let a stranger

think for you and injure

disembowelling a loved one’s life

while you laugh at the strife?

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

you keep lifelong secrets

yet you need to know my every facet

inside out

only to control and use me throughout

I didn’t feel you supported me

to stand tall and free

only how to bow

to be weak, small and disempowered

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

the King has spoken

never asking me about the stricken

I can only say Yes

under love’s transgress

all for love?

all for control through the hand-glove

love is suffocating

and an octopodid pace setting

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

all is unhealthy and convoluted

emmeshed, falsifying and indebted

to move ahead

towards the ending, I dread

or, is it I am scared to start

the beginning with kick start?

I just cannot envision

my tomorrows occasion

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

does this mean

another life cycle of mean?

making my way

like a blind mole away

I cannot end yet

you haven’t owned up with regret

to the mean mess

done in the relationship to excess

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

I need to see and hear

the sorrow in your voice, not the austere

so, I can mourn

the unsaid that was born

I want to face shout you down

how wrong to put your ego crown

and sense of importance

above our relationship signifigance

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

but maybe the truth is

I have to face the tizz

that the relationship

was all about you, in reflection

vacuous, porous, not a whit

chief thing, nub, grandee

I am

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Australia

      You never know if or whether you should hurry up your move into the new phase of life or accept the conflict of moving to the new phase and how long its taking one to get there.

      Good to see you Gypsy Rose. Thankyou for your thoughts.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      2 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Most creative and wonderful poetry.


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