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Your World Is Not My World


Your world is not my world.
... I get more nightmares than I do dreams.
Yes, I don't believe in fairtales either.
I write my pain down on paper, get a few tears rolling and am back to me again. ( the art of tears and ink is actually cools me down... Weird I know).
I don't go to sleep angry, I rarely pray too. I just look up at my ceiling close my eyes for a moment and say amen...
Your world is not my world..
.. I probably say "sorry" like a hundred times a day. Even to myself... Weird thing is I dont remember being raised that way.
.. Am afraid of love.. Pretty sure am terrified by the thought, because am a little bit extra most if the times..
.. Am just not easy on the goodbyes and letting go's..
Weird thing is that this is all in my head but the thought of it just stings..
Your world is not my world.
... The noise kinda keeps me sane, and yes I know you plug it out.
Am not that that fond of the light really, it hurts my eyes... I like it darkish cause that's when everything comes to light.
Your world is not my world.
.. I try to find hidden meanings in straight forward statements .
Your world is not my world....
... Deep inside I know I want to, I have the words you want to read or hear but I can't pen them down because you wouldn't believe me...
... In my head everything pretty much is normal... But not your normal

© 2021 Amani Utembu