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Your Fantasy Beach

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Utopia of love


Fantastic beach

The environment of nature is attractive,
He has the magic of God.
The immensity of the ocean that you contemplate
through the enigmatic vision of your romantic eyes,
in that island where you reside since you have use of reason;
They are sand and sun of inspiration,
that move me to your fantasy beach.

The green and glowing nature that invades me,
they are light scattered in quiet glints of bustle
Spheres of peace and distant love;
distant caresses that make me sigh
poems and emotions
of the spiritual romance of your feelings, my love.

They are dreamy words that eternally make me float,
in the environment where I am.
Because you arise in the fog of my thoughts,
when I least expect it,
When I need it most,
and I am comforted by your phrases of love and romance,
I feel loved,
and transferred in an instant;
to the fantastic aura of our love encounters.


A boy, lonely

A boy, lonely
he lives on a distant island.
On the shore of a blue sea,
Share his wandering soul,
with the poems of latitude,
loving his a woman of smoke
that floats in clouds of light.

The young boy cries,
he imagines her every instant in his arms;
but the reality of earth dwells,
Reminds her that she,
his star ....
She is not with him,
only listens her in the remoteness,
in the snail, of salt.
The waves sing melodies,

her tears, opaque
in front of the king of the stars


My virtual love

You are my virtual, unreal love.
You sail in velvety dimensions,
of the constant imagination.
in clear and cloudy clouds,
of the growing inspiration.

You emerge from nothing, ethereal, wandering, perfect.
And you kiss me passionately
in an eternal kiss of lovers.
I feel your skin, my beloved man, favorite.
And I surrender all, fainted in your kisses.

I die of love and die of hatred,
I go mad when you vanish,
image and voice of love.
you attract me to the forbidden, perish,
you resurrectes in the sun

I dream with you and then awake
dressed in color,
I wait for you and I find you,
love of always...

Love of nothing ...
I will live for you,
in this dawn
of imagination and dreams.


Unrealities and tropics

It happened that that look inquired into my feelings.

His aura enveloped my hours squeezed to the deity,
becoming part of that abstract and thirsty ritual.

I turned, I jumped and reached that sun immersed in immensity,
where the intricate desert adhered to my lyrics.
In the distance an oasis was adorned with the grace of poets ...

In the distance, I can oscillate
between being real or imaginary,
mobile or statuary.

Extroverted and immersed in logical precepts,
I escape and plunge into unrealities and tropics.
Come! let's taste for the second time,
this sinful apple,
accomplice of what happened so far.
Again a light stands proud,
in the fullness of our love ...


Your island

His island floats far, far away from me.
He is alone,
on that terrestrial carpet,
sown in the emptiness of nothingness.

The rainbow of his love
It has a green heart,
like the grove of his illusion.
Close, very close,
There is the traditional moon,
that to radiates his poetic lyrics.

The orange-hued sidereal space
It smells like mandarin and lemon.
The distant fruits,
they talk about him.

The night clothes him
with efforts and vigil,
the day covers it for rest
it angelic dreams.
The cybercafé is waiting for you, you receive it,
with its screen faces
and their robotic voices.

Then the inanimate and the flat hours,
they disappear, and the wait is peaceful ...
Maybe in another century, let's be together.
in the fullness of our love ...

© 2018 Venus Mary

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