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Your Weapons are Words

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.


When you are born you are just crying out without meaning.

A-B-C letters that continue to be words.

Want this and it form a sentence.

It is now organized, every meaning that comes out of your mouth.

One by one desire comes from a word.

One after another the joy of hearing a word.

One by one heaven is seen from reading the word.

Your heart has reconciled with beautifully stored words.

You have understood your words can be a weapon.

Legal experts play the words.

Weather experts write the word after nature marks.

Religious experts force words to be trusted.

Linguists embrace the meaning of the word collection.

Experts become and are capable of making weapons by composing words.

No first teacher taught us to make weapons from words.

Scratched cuts, cut off until shot through the body.

Then, enter into the heart and buried secretly in silent bury the opponent originated.

It all comes from words of hatred that became weapons.

You, me and we may be the same. Never make wounds from words that become weapons.

Poetry Messages

Life is a form of social relationships formed from communication. After humans know the sounds. Understanding the meaning of a sound and being born into a language that is understandable to each other. The letters were born as forming words. As the smallest unit, the letters are arranged into words that have meaning to objects.

This poem brings some simple messages to all of you:

The first message, I want to say is a word is a way to convey a purpose and desire. One word that comes out of a baby with the word "mama" can have many meanings for the baby's mother. Is the baby thirsty for breastfeeding? Is the baby hungry to eat? Does the baby feel hot to bathe? Does the baby want the diaper replaced? Does the mother understand the meaning of the baby? The answer is very easy. Of course, the mother is slowly trying to understand the meaning of the baby. Once the mother knows, this is the answer the words that come out of the funny mouth of the baby becomes an intent and desire. After that, all intent and willingness that has been conveyed, the baby managed to get what he wants. With an ongoing time we all no longer become a baby whose will has to be fulfilled. To arrive at the intent and purpose we have developed to be able to compose words, arrange them to arrive at a goal based on desire.

The second message, what I want to say is that words can be useful to anyone. The "expert" written in the poem may represent some of you as a reader. However, the expert I poured in the poetry is the people who when he has composed the words most people will accept what he wants to convey. Although not yet thoroughly the kind of work I write, I hope you are represented from the work example that relates to the words as something useful and useful.

The third message, which I want to convey represents the title of the poem "The Gun Is Words". Is it true that words can be weapons? Words that I want to convey are neat arrangements that have meaning, can also be words that are arranged and spoken by someone. Or words that have changed into sentences conveyed through speech.

Weapons and words are two different things. Weapons can also have two meanings. Is it to hurt? Or weapons as a means of self-defense. Meanwhile, words as something that is considered shapeless and false. However, weapons are treated as objects to perform an action that comes from words. Words represent human beings as the leading role for weapon use.

Another meaning that we often encounter in everyday life is the words can be a weapon when the words have a meaning that aims to humiliate, insult, mockery, or scolding. Of course, those words have a negative meaning.

Words containing negative meanings are the ultimate weapon to be used against those who are his opponents, while those with weak souls. Negative words are real weapons and can hurt the person.

Message Fourth, "Your weapon" means as a means of self-defense. Positive words can be a cure and protection against the circumstances of negative words. Talking to the soul. Ask and find answers? It is the best way of composing word by word to survive.

The best weapon is "words against words". Usually found in real life, when we are present in a trial. A lawyer against another jurist. Words are weapons.

From all these messages we can be sure. A situation that we face can sometimes cause the arising and the emergence of words that become weapons as an accident. This condition must have been passed by us "as well as familiarizing ourselves with the positive word among others; please, sorry, and thank you ".

In closing the word, the beauty of the word is when we can understand it as a process of interaction and make "Love" as the strongest weapon formed by words.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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