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Your Silence Is Razor to My Heart

Ebizimor loves writing, especially poetry and has being writing poetry since childhood.


Your silence is razor to my heart

Your silence is razor to my heart

I want to make you the mayor of my heart

But your silence is major terror to my heart

Your silence is sharper than two edged sword


It’s hotter than a burning furnace

It’s stronger in resonance

more than a “NO”

Your silence speaks a billion word

More than a “GO”

It blasts my heart into shreads

It’s a missile

Launched against my life

It’s a bulldozer, an excavator,

It digs my grave

I’ve tried to acclimatize

To this plight but

My efforts to rhythmize the beat of our hearts

Could not be optimized

My love for you have I advertised

But you never seem to have visualized its superfluity

Before your eyes

Why should I die before my time?

If at all you’re in love

Please bifurcate your heart

And make me manager over a part

‘cause I can’t afford to watch you pass

Wagging your butt like the tail of a cat

Please my love, say something to my love

Do not bury me with silence!

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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