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Your Silence Scares Me

Everlynne has a passion for writing anything which has a meaning behind it for it to be written.

Your Silence Scares Me

From the beginning
You were a quiet and shy person
I knew about that when we met
People also said the same about you
Being a quiet and shy person
I thought I can handle your quietness
Coz I have dealt with your types before

But it’s starting to be different now
Things start to seem quieter now
Conversations were shortened
Not like before
Were we would talk for hours
Talk about life, about movies,
About family, about dreams,
About everything that needs to be talked about

Now it’s different
You are very silent about everything
Conversations never lasts long
Every time I called, you said you were busy
It was your job that kept you away from me
You always blamed your job for being quiet
Saying you have nothing to say

I felt like I was at fault for disturbing you every time I called
But how can I not talk to you
How can we not communicate anymore?
You don’t realize how your silence scares me
How can I get out of this?
You tell me what I should no
Or are you going keep quiet still

Are you seeing someone else?
Are you having real conversation with someone else?
Are you having time for someone else and blaming your job for being busy?
Or are you just making things up and avoiding me.

You have gone very silent now
Not like the person I met before
I feel scared to start communicating with you again
You might just blame it on your job
Maybe I should just leave it as it as
Talk to me again when you can

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