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Your Hustle: My Heart

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

Your Hustle: My Heart

I gave my heart to a ghostly figure

Hooded and hiding behind a smile

Perfection seemed within grasp

In the form of a fantastical dream

My love, always seconds away

From a tragic ending

But the comic relief is

You were right

Whenever I found the strength

To leave it all crumbling behind me

In hopes of emerging with

A courage I could only dream of

My heart took another beating

As the words continued ringing

Scrambling the mess in the

Confines of my own memory

“If you leave me, I still win.”

Life isn’t about winning and losing though!

“If you leave me, I know you love me.”

Weakened by the truth, I don’t stand.

“If you leave me, someone in the world

Still loves me unconditionally.”

With that, he took my smile

My head bowed in obedience

My heart sunk in submission

The air in my lungs dissipated

As tearful eyes took my breath

The brutality of the thought

Paralyzes my entire being

My love, you used me

Took advantage of my naivety

Exploited my kindness

Went to great lengths

Took irreplaceable risks

Played with an incredible notion

To manipulate me for your addiction

To feed your deafening ambitions

To nurture the death of us

Unknowingly, I gave you every piece

I told you, “I’m broken,”

The day I met you: the first date

I didn’t know what broken was

Until I saw that glimmer in your eyes

Charming and intuitive

I let you into my temple of solitude

And you demolished what was left

“Time to make an exit,” was

The last thing you said with a smirk

And nothing but pure hatred in those eyes

The very eyes that captivated me

Over a cup of coffee at “our spot”

The crumbling and cracked walls

Turned into dust and rubble

When you took my heart as your hustle

© 2021 Grace Peterson