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Your Eyes Dazzle Me

Shivani is a professional Digital Marketer and freelancer. She loves to write blogs on personal life and relationships. She is fond of cats.


Damn, Your Eyes

When you look at me,

I can't help, but smile.

Your eyes stole all my words away,

The look in your eyes makes me crazy.

When I look into your eyes,

I tent to lose my thoughts,

My heart starts racing,

And I see myself falling for you.

When I look into your eyes,

They shine like a million fireflies.

It's like watching the night sky,

Or a beautiful sunrise.

I remember the first day,

I ever looked into your eyes,

And felt my entire world flip.

Damn, your eyes.

I wish I could explain your eyes,

There is something breathtaking,

About your eyes, Damn, your eyes,

I wonder, what I look like in your eyes.

© 2017 Shivani Negi

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