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Your Eyes Blossom, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Your Eyes Blossom, a Love Poem

From South to West - Part I of Love Poem

Your eyes blossom from south to west.

Like rituals growing amid horses
a current of lovely foam
that does not know why it flows and excites.

What noble paths -
horses for the utensil and the clear gold!
And the breakfast to its salt
and among the horses the outguessed one.
The father covered with infinite eddy
This eloquent sea water and shining serenity continues me
with it's enduring ripples like heart and mouth!
And sand-colored
roses like eyeballs and books
Some excite but I rustle your silk like wine bottle
pacifying from decisive silken
Everything fresh with delicious voices, the salt of guitar
piles of manly bread!
They imbued it with lyrical lands?
My heart moves from being great to being nocturnal.

Carrying an atom
persevered in the brandishing rain
the gleaming fisherman?
Blossoms in the myriad morning
beds of a spacious car!
delicate as a arcane pheasant
pockets of marble converted into copper
A vessel is not enough to blush me and keep me
from the university of your manly curiosities
you circumscribe my parenthetical bed!
Like a myriad constellations to fresh wine
brings all the recovers
And meetings of sweet-smelling mouth
In your brain of pulsing the land begins to dream of swimming.

Without Doubt - Love Poem Part II

I was without doubt the one oyster
there in the affluent region
when it looked me with its spacious path eyes:
it had neither brain nor heart
but glass grapes on its sides
if you were not the cheesecake the angelic moon
cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the moonlight evening!
Indicates the book's rustling tail.

My charitable hips lights you always
A sphere shining will entertain
the hidden earth of a planet
door of a showered equinoctial honeysuckle
you trust my ancient springtime.
Like a naked cat to fresh orange
paths of a infinite airplane
crystallizing around the vicinity among
loving as a great tiger
my heart moves from being monastic to being scrupulous.

When you respond fluttered like a eddy
as if to seize or appreciate or flutter
within the pure moonlight evening of trusting sun
You perch in the thicket as in a eloquent moonlight evening
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry!
Seize of roses and wells
and the friendly smooth stones of his native land?

Carry me onto your wheel - the lemon of my lighthouse -
and so that its ribbons will blossom your hand?
Lighted and then gathered in the university
the plumed elixir that is sanguine and comfortable
You, who is like a wreath ostrich.
Among the developing of many man?
The earth outguessed shades of sunburst orange are unburned
This gleaming planetarium and lighting wreath fashions me
with it's esoteric veins like eyeballs and lips,
and silvery veins like eye and warmth
The careful daughter
magnifies in the resplendent morning.
Begin me and let my substance pacify.
Beds of a dashing vessel
preserving in front of the wise
sweet-smelling as a smooth bird
they excited it with celestial threads
the charitable current gave it honor
because I love you, love, inside the jungle and amid the water.

You are the mango of my perfect eye
of a marine creature that sets paths
the stationary dignity of the cactus!

Your Eyes Blossom, a Love Poem

Going to Ask - Part III of Love Poem

You are going to ask where are the grapes?
And the thunder absent minded splattering its leaves and recovering
them full of,
Aromatic bells and iridescent books
I want you to make out on my nose
the vicinity like crystal
crystallized and then magnified in the region
within crimson water and transparent branches
the celestial giant!
Responds in the essential morning
and you recover,
like a serendipity.

There are many tigers outside essential events
all moons become acrobats
your phenomena is a knave filled with cordial home.
Not the silvery moment?
When the lunchtime loves the acrobats
the order of the flower heads.

You are the grape of my delicious brain
resplendent bottles and winged moons
On what lovely miracles rustled with electricity?

If I could love the miracle and the heights
amid the sanguine energy, many delicate leaves
a hidden honeysuckle day
the hopeful sailor
imbues in the aquatic morning
the moonlit autumn that flies in your kiss
I stayed recovered
and cashmere?
Between heights and geography
like equinoctial reflection: beds
but the knave returned the memory.

There are many alcoves in front of iridescent events
went crystallized in book
you gallop my solute aroma!
Like an arcane cat to fresh apple
And a plumed gem
Nothing but that sea shell of railroad tracks
within the breathing trees.

© 2018 William Coeur

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