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Your Cruel Heart

I lost my Grandfather to a heart attack when I was 17. I had trouble coping, especially because it was so sudden, so I wrote him this poem.


Your presence still lingers within my core,

Leaving memories that will never fade.

Why can't I cast my eyes on you once more?

For a whiff of your love and smiles I pray.

How can I comprehend a tragedy

Committed by your kind yet cruel, cold heart?

That gave out when faced with difficulty,

That gave up when things got a little hard.

Heart! Be damned into the lowest of planes.

My own can be a savior for us both.

Our blood may join and run in the same veins,

If just upon life you would take an oath.

Yet I know that my efforts are in vain

For that cruel heart won't let the kind remain.

© 2021 Laila Hashem

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