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Your Child In Heaven

I’m not thinking about what I’m missing
I only will if we ever part
The words of salvation are in my mind
The belief is in my heart
I will send all that I can of this to you
You must not think of fear
For what is inside of me on this day
Will forever be near
For loaves and fishes are not just bread
And wine not only to grieve
We too can multiply the gifts he gave
And this you shall receive
Whatever I feel inside of me is strong
Neither lonely or empty
Pain is my companion as is the love I feel
Our song we live deeply
Until the day comes that I cry for my son
I will cry for yours instead
And together we will pray for our healing
Knowing he is not dead
For in the time of flesh you cared for him
And in his time of spirit
Your new angel is now singing softly
And only you can hear it

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