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Young and Alive

Young and Alive

Young and Alive,

Given nuts and bolts,

Sent down the assembly line

To retrieve the data,

Filled with useless information,

And some that is necessary,

Then shipped off to college,

Able to go,

But unable to breath.

A Ring less Finger

A ring less finger,

Wrinkled hands,

Lingering tears,

Unanswered prayers.

Lost Amongst the Bushes

I find myself lost amongst the bushes,

bushes that bear an odd color,

a color that speaks its own falsehood,

a falsehood that I can barely hear,

as an eerie grave rises up,

claiming one last victim,

one that will not go without a fight.

Without a fight this one could never hope to survive,

and yet without a helpless wanderer these trees could never pass as yellow.

For such a falsehood is this,

that one could never mistake it for any less.

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