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Young, Wild and Free

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Young, Wild and Free

When the rain poured, we were running
Our laughters were on crisp
And when I look into their eyes
I saw what youth had driven us

We were chained by hearts
Constantly flying beyond the horizon of norms
Flooded by unfulfilled dreams
We were loud, we were bestfriends

There is unknown sheltering love
A devout someone that look after
Our youth intertwined with each other
When we laugh, we don't care

We broke the night with our undefined minds
Smoking and drinking in the dusk
Forgetting the world is a must!
Inseparable, young, wild and free

Dancing with the rain
Just then I realized that the cold air is warm
Like the scorching bond of our fate
The rampage of our youth!
Will forever be known.

© 2019 Crezyl