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The Red Box in the Color of Love

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


YouTube.. a dream come true
The red box in the color of love
A site that can create content
Express their opinions about their thoughts
how to save youtube
We upload valuable videos
Premium content helps
in building the world
And on the other hand, we report
about bad videos
or extreme
that contain bad words
that contain hateful content
And in this field
Is it possible.. to become YouTube
a tool for extremism
Under the pretext of expressing an opinion
under the pretext of persecution
Is it possible to use YouTube workers?
To pass political videos
Or to bring down a government
Or stir up trouble in a country
Is it possible to bribe workers
Without knowing the administration
Is it possible for YouTube to be involved?
In the cases of other countries
in the video
channel used. YouTube
To pass out hatred and malice
Why are you silent on YouTube?

© 2022 tabouche amin

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