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You Will Be Caught Flying

You will be caught flying!!

Beneath the shadows of stars,
With the bunch of flowers,
In the shade of night,
Under the shiny moonlight,
When the tear roll in the eye,
And your heart desire to fly,
But its hard to stand,
Calmly your soul just stares the land,
Suddenly the breeze came all the way,
The sun shines and whistles the ray,
Come on!! Its a good morning,
Start learning and leave mourning,
'Cause crest and troughs are variable,
They define your soul is incredible,
The life took the U turn,
Bad memories into the ashes burnt,
There again a shining star with a smile,
You are the best!! Just give a try,
You are not failing but trying,
One day you'll be caught flying!!

© 2021 Akansha saxena

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