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You Painted Hope on the Canvas of My Life

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

You Painted The Colors of Hope on The Canvas of My Life

Brushstrokes on the canvas are quite light.

Make a pastel star with a gentle arc.

He was the part of her life once...

In the course of his thoughts, the colors flicker.

As she creates other people's lives for them to taste

Time is unwinding in his lair up there,

But her universe consists of the sky,

A beach, and an ocean.

Still, her travels in the past have been blended.

Their time had come to an end,

When the door banged shut.

As a result of looking past the shutters,

And she painted the breath of life with her glance

On the desolate horizon, her eyes had become tired.

From tenuous dawn to precarious dawn,

Her hopes died.

On the damaged canvas, a tear rolled.

Rain washed away the fading hues,

Her aspirations had been crushed,

And her love had disintegrated.

Then time froze unfinished painting.

And the days have passed...

The staircase is covered with the footsteps of memories.

Today, a door opens on the threshold of desire,

Near the gray canvas at the back of the studio,

The hues of a long-forgotten past

The colors of agony merging with hope

The colors of agony merging with hope

Time changed as someone entered her life,

Hopes returned back to life,

She wipes the lifeless dust away with her hand.

The anchors have finally been raised,

And the clouds have grown to live.

The tarnish goes away when stroked with a silk brush.

and the new life is colored with blue-violet

Now she has found a friend.

He's everything, she says.

The color palette has returned to dance again.

Her past was wiped in a few interludes.

And on the canvas that bears her memories

Softens the agony with hopeful halftones

You came into my life as a ray of hope and love. You have helped me to heal. I would love to paint the colors of a beautiful and happy life with you till the end of my life. Thank you for being such a beautiful and kind soul. For me, you are a blessing of God.

— A special note to you

For The Rest of My Life -- Mehr Zain

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh