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You Know My Name but You Don't Know My Story

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.


This is basically a rant. I don't like doing it, but I believe everyone can relate to this at some point. We pass judgment on people based on how we see and understand them. Basically, we have no right to pass judgment on another person. Every soul has its own troubles to deal with, but mostly we fail to understand this.

We have no right to pass judgment on another person. Only God has the right to judge us. Nobody can understand us, only God can. To understand why someone is the way they are, we must put ourselves in their shoes. I don't like judging people, and every time I did, I felt very bad about it.

We do know the names, but we don't know the stories. Maybe our judgments can be harsh on someone's tender soul so we should always avoid doing it, I believe.

" We judge ourselves by our intentions. And others by their actions.”

— Stephen Covey.

Don't Judge Me On What You See

I don't give a lot of explanations,

It is the way I am.

I love life, even if everything is bad,

At its worst, upside down, and rolling,

A little strange, I know, but I'm like that.

I am real, honest and most of the time even more.

I feed myself daily in large doses of intensity, and daring

When I say love you,

I love with my whole being,

With my heart, mind, and my soul,

I can cross oceans for you,

Fight the world and go far beyond.

When I don't like something,

I really fight, cry, stomp, and joke.

No one has to accept who I am,

I'm just saying I'm like that.

The dispute also likes to walk hand in hand with me,

Today I am, but tomorrow I am no longer,

Today I want to, but tomorrow it doesn't matter.

Did you understand me?

Of course not! Neither you nor anyone else.

But it's okay, I've learned to turn around,

To understand my mistakes, to fall and get up,

All on my own because it's better.

I give myself the right to change my mind,

Whenever I want. I give myself the right

To put an end to any situation that does me no good.

I don't give satisfaction, I don't live by others' opinions

Yeah, I know, I have that kind of attitude.

Speaking of opinion, I'm not afraid of yours,

Finger-pointing at me doesn't scare me more,

Not for a second. I can even let you into my world

For a few seconds, but if you want to stay there

You will have to do it on your own and if you don't,

Well, you know where the door is...

I'm not afraid of loneliness, not anymore

Even though I've been broken for a long time,

I still hold on and stay on my feet.

My heart may seem cold, but

It will still melt to the touch.

Caressed and groomed by someone

Who knows how to heal hearts.

So don't just judge me on what you see.

I only show what I want.

There is a lot more to know about me and

that I keep it for some people, because

I decided that it would be so.

You know my name, but you don't know my story.

You can see me, but a few know my soul.

I keep quiet when I need to talk the most, and

Sometimes my silence reflects my pain,

But the bigger the pain, the bigger my smile.

Don't say you know everything about me, and

Don't take it personally, it's not you, it's me.

A riddle that defies explanation.

" If you will look at the outward appearance of a person just to identify him, you will not see the true character of him.”

— Innah Delos Angeles.

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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