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Poem: You Gave Me Courage

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

"You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson


"You Gave Me Courage"

Confusing...isn't it?

Just as the rocks were tumbling down upon me

and all hope had vanished,

You found me.

You gave me the courage

to stand up to life

and understood my fears.

You showed me the way

out of the canyon

I had been buried in

and you brought happiness

into my life.

"I Will Fear No More" by The Afters



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on September 05, 2020:


Thank you for visiting & reading my work.

Have a wonderful day.

Robert Sacchi on August 26, 2020:

An inspiring poem. Thank you for posting.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on October 22, 2019:


For some reason I am finding comments which have no reply...all from 8 months ago.

I am nit certain if this is a glitch or not.

In any case...if I missed replying to your comment...I am sorry.

Thank you for your warm welcome to me joining Hubpages.

I appreciate you reading my work. Stop by anytime.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 25, 2019:

Hi Brenda, welcome to HubPages. This poem is short but it conveys the intended message of thankful appreciation well.