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You Don't Need a Purpose to Go On

The author is trying to figure out the essence of life by taking small steps towards the appropriate answers.


Do you want to live your entire life running after something and feeling numb inside? We may not realize it but sometimes we are so devoted to an activity that we forget to live and experience the beautiful moments in the world around us. Some people are very comfortable with what they do for a living and what keeps them going. I am happy for people who are capable of staying happy and satisfied with what they do.


Determined to not give up lost in the woods,

never did she thought she would feel so desperate to survive

sitting with squirrels by her side

the echo of the river water playing in her ears

a parrot sitting on the branch of the tree that hovers over her head

the mild fragrance of wild lavender filling her nostrils,

she asks herself was the feeling of being alive always soo beautiful,

speculates she must have been witless ci-devant What had changed so much?

All her life she believed she needed to work perpetually to be happy,

and she did so but where was the happiness she was promised?

there wasn't anything she lacked

Enough salary to earn her more than just a minimal livelihood,

her own house, a loving partner


she made up her mind that she would never be happy again,

a drop of blood drops from her eye

standing on a deserted mountain staring at the pretty moon

that looked haunting

she thought she was prepared,

a sticky note handwritten note on the wall,

lost her parents and her house and her partner all in a day

but she hesitated to take a leap downhill

she didn't want to go home, what for?

there was no one waiting for her, what purpose did she have now,

lost her way home and found residence in the mountains,

fighting for the basic needs of life, struggling throughout, but with the will to live.

No purpose yet she found her way,

sipping a cup of tea sitting in an old fashioned house in the countryside,

a poor tea plant worker but happy.

Thank you


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