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You Don't Need Eyes to Mentor

Nobby was a father figure and mentor. Jackee's Ode to Nobby is written in admiration of the impact he continues to have on her life today.

Mentoring makes us

Vision Without Eyes

1. We would often walk down Main Street

Me as his guide and eyes

Stopping to talk with those we would meet

About the world, the weather, and times.

2. An accident had caused his sight to fail

From his land, he'd had to go

To live in a town seemed so different

From the life, he had grown to know.

3. I learned to love him through the years

Replacing a father, I hardly knew

We would sit for many hours at a time

His life stories told were too few.

4. Cattle and sheep, horses, and dogs

Was part of a life he had known

Where time was the ruler, and seasons the calendar

And you reaped from all you had sown.

5. Time and boredom were now on his hands

His days were so long and so dark

From an active life to sitting still

The contrast seemed so stark.

6. From his old songbook, we would choose

The latest from when he was a lad

I too would join in the chorus

The Irish ballads seemed so sad.

7. He was my inspiration

My mentor and my friend

He taught me all I would need to know

From beginning through to the end.

8. Old Nobby was a gentleman

His sense of humor was never lost

I’ll never forget him, nor would I want

'Cos time couldn't count the cost.

9. If only he could see me now

I’m sure that he’d be proud

I would love to hear his gentle voice

Saying “Jackee, let’s go walking now.

© 2021 Jackee Ashwin

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