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You Are the Alpha and the Omega, the Great…I Am

Donna is a lifelong poet and author, she shares her love of God, and in helping others draw near to Him so all can be saved!

Jesus, I need you now!

Jesus, I need you now!

I Need You Now More than Ever

My sweet Jesus, I need you now
more than I have ever known
Everything is changing all around me,
and I want to come home

I know you are helping me along the way,
but Father, I am so scared
You are my rock and my salvation,
and I know you hear my prayers

My heart beats out of my chest,
and my breath evades me
The world is in a pandemic,
and chaos roams the streets

I’m alone in this trial,
yet I know you are there,
but my spirit yearns to come home

I’m just having a tough time adjusting to being quarantined
and living life alone.

Oh, dear Lord, please hear my cry,
for I don’t know what to do
The tears run down my face without control,
and I now cling unto you

Lord, the states are shutting down,
and isolation comes for us all
Please, Lord, clear all this up
before this great Nation falls

You are the Alpha and the Omega,
the Great… I AM
I know you are in control.
I’m leaning on you to stand

You are the rock of my salvation
my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
Please hold me close,
give me your strength to stand up and fight

I need you, Father.
I need to take refuge under thy wings
To feel your power, strength,
and love for me

I run to thee where I am safe,
where you are near and hold me close
My heart is scared,
but your love gives my Spirit hope

I hold on to the hem of your garment,
with your power and great glory
I know I am saved and seek comfort
from the Holy Ghost

Lord, this world is in a panic
and they’re shutting everyone down,
We all need to lean on your strength

Through all this, we know that you will continue to lead us through the sands that wash up with the waves.

Lord, With You We Are Safe

Love, Donna Rayne

Passion Band - Simple Pursuit (feat. Melodie Malone)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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