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You Are Not Alone- a Response to Brenda's Week 35 Word Prompt Challenge

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

The Back Stage Story

The article includes two poems I wrote in response to Brenda's word prompt for week 35, Sonder. As I had never heard of this word before, it piqued my interest. Thank you to Kyler J Falk, a respected fellow author, and a great friend, for recommending this word, and a special thanks to my sweetest friend and fellow author Brenda for including it in her word prompt challenge. Both of them provide us with the opportunity to become familiar with the new and unique word "Sonder."

I googled this word to get the appropriate definition. According to the best of my knowledge, it means: To understand that every person around you is experiencing the same challenges, difficulties, and fears in his life, as you are, and they are living their lives without realizing this fact.

More About the Word Sonder

Sonder is a word that means "uncountable."

It is a newly recognized term. Sonder is defined as seeing that everyone around you is going through the same struggles, issues, and complexes as you are, and they are going about their lives without knowing it.

Sonder refers to the feeling that everyone around you, whether rich, middle-class, poor, a foreigner, stranger, or your friends, is also living a complicated life similar to yours.

Everyone has the same sentiments, the same emotions, the same difficulties, the same joy, the same life patterns, the same heartaches, the same family, and the same everything that you do. No one who exists in this world is different than you. Everyone is the same, we all are equal, we all are wearing the same shoes. Our troubles, pains, delight, or whatever it is may differ from those of others, yet we all go through the same things in our lives.

Summary of the First Poem

The first poem is about the difficulties we experience in our daily life. The poem explains that none of us are facing life's difficulties alone. We have nothing to fear, and we should not allow ourselves to drown in the belief that we are the only ones on the planet dealing with these problems.

There Are Many Like You

You, yes, you are not alone.

You, like me, and many others,

There are many more like you

I, too, have the same afraid eyes as you.

There are more people like you and me,

With all of those shattered dreams,

Weeping in the dark, where no one can see,

You are the energy, sways like a rainbow.

You, surely, you are not alone.

You are not the only one,

Always late and everywhere, struggling

On life's path, I am with you

Do you see yourself as the only one crawling?

While everyone else is running ahead of you

No, we're all the same; You have to believe,

We are all wearing the same shoe

You are not alone, believe it or not.

There are many others like you.

Those who perform the role of a puppet

In the theater without red curtains.

Summary of the Second Poem

The second poem is based on hope and love. As we now understand the definition of sonder, it is something we feel, something our ancestors felt, and something our future generations will experience. Let us join our hands for those who have yet to enter this world. Let us work together to make this world a better place to live.

Let's Do It For One Another

My gratefulness was to be able to put,

My sufferings in the form of patience.

I saw a light in the darkness of my heart.

The furrows of tears that flowed down

They were able to give the alarm,

But for you, I stayed strong,

A pillar and another, the strength of one

We have to fear none, and will

Smile to counter the worst,

The urge to reach the height,

To show you the world's brightest light,

I am here, standing by your side

It's the strength you've given me.

Your trust has allowed us to create an empire.

So, I appreciate your abilities.

Rest today. Standing, to be reborn,

The future generation is secure,

Your name will be kept in good records.

Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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