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You Worked Your Ass Off Out There

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The Second Time Out In the Yard In Two Weeks

The yard looks awesome

It is a nice start

When I go outside

It feels like time stops

I enjoy digging right in

So many leaves and sticks to pick up

A rock wall is in the front of my property

The leaves get all twisted and stuck

Deep in between many crevaces

Lots of people haul their leaves off to the dump

I have been grinding them up with my mower and trying to find a new use for them

In the past my town has recycled them

Turning them into a compost

That takes months even years

Last year I added my crushed up leaves to my lawn

Then I took more and added small amounts to my border plants

Thinking it would break down over the winter

I am not sure if it worked or not

I looked on line

I did not see any suggestions

Can you think of any other uses?

After five hours

Once again day light had retreated into the sky

Leaving me in darkness and just in time too

My body not as limber as it use to be

I took to Aleve to help with the aches

We had a mild winter

Last year at this time

The ground would still be covered with snow

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