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You Will Get to Your Rehoboth #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Those people who have

Been in the business

For decades. The traders

Went to the leaderships

Of the island to accuse

Him before them and he

Was banned from selling

Anything in the market square

Then he stayed at home

Started selling things at

Home and it was as if

The entire market was moved

To his house for people

Would leave market to

Come and buy things

At his house. Even if

He does not have

What they want, they

Would deposit money with

Him that he should

Help them get those things

As if he is not getting those

Products from the same

Marketers that other traders

Patronize in the island.

The traders became infuriated

By this and they

Went to leaderships of the

Island again to complain

And warrant of arrest

Was issued to bring

Him, when he gets to them

They told him the allegations

Which traders have raised

Against him the chief is

He wants to destabilize the island

He wants to destroy the

Island. They would now

Not listen to his defense

As they banned him

From selling anything within

The island. He cried but

Nothing could be done

Now, he has made up

His mind on what he

Would be doing and it

Was business. He started

Selling things to outsiders

People from other islands

Because his house was

At the extreme edge of the

Island very close to the border

He reasoned with his

People when he noticed that

People from other islands

Started patronizing him that


He should cross the border

Get a space close to

His house from the leadership

Of the neighboring island

For if he could do this,

It would padlock the mouths

Of antagonists because he

Was not plying his trade

Within the island again.

He went to the leaderships

Of the close island and

Table his desire before them

Which was granted and he

Would be renewing the tenancy

Every year. That was how

He puts up a shelter there

Started selling things at

The border, and people of

Other islands started coming to

Him where he is.

The people of his island

Cannot raise anything against

Him again because he was

Not operating within the confines

Of their island. They

However dissuade people from

Patronizing him but those

People from other islands

Discovered that they were

Envying him and would

Not listen to what they

Say about the man.

In the new island

Where he has moved to,

The economy of the island

Was boosted up because

People from different islands

While going to his store

Or returning after transacting business

With him would pass through

The island and some would

Sleep over in the island

Guest houses while some would purchase

Other materials within the island

The tax he was equally

Paying to the island

Was high. Then the

People of his island

Saw their folly and what

They have lost while

Envying him. The old man

Said, this business man

Eventually got to a place

Where the Lord has made

Room for him, he

Got to a place where he

Becomes fruitful, he got

To his Rehoboth. This

Essentially happened because he

Endured the pains, the shame

Rejections and would never

Give up in his pursuits

He eventually became the

Richest person in 200 miles

Radius to his island overtaken

All. Learn from this short

Story and do not give

Up now, for if you

Give up now, enemies would

Say that is what they

Want for you and would

Mock you, but if you

Continue, I am sure that

You will soon get to

Your Rehoboth and you will

Ever be happy.

The young man appreciated

The old man, saying may

Grey hair people never

Cease from the land as

He re-ignited his determination

To be more industrious, active, focus

Because he also know that not

Long from thence he would get to his Rehoboth


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